Private Premier for "Walk With Me"

After years in the making, Isabel del Rosal’s “Walk With Me” will be screening in New York this September (private event for cast and crew). Those who have been following along will know that I have been a part of this project from the beginning; writing songs for the character Logan (Bridget Barkan) to perform in the film, as well as writing songs for the score/soundtrack. It has been almost 5 years since I was first approached by Isabel to be on her team, and I am proud to have created 14 original songs for the film.

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To be completely honest, I was terrified when I agreed to song-write for the film all those years ago. I had never written for film before, let alone writing from a character’s perspective! I guess it was kinda like my first acting gig… just with songs. But I ran into my fear. I poured my heart into every note, every word, of every song and it took everything I had to stretch myself enough to write as someone else.

And here we are. Almost 5 years and 14 songs later it’s done. I did it. I ran into the fear and made something beautiful.

…Well I helped make something beautiful. Which is the extra-fun part about this whole experience. I got to create art with an amazing team of people (mostly women) who also poured everything they had into this movie. I am beyond grateful that Isabel asked me to join her team, and I couldn’t be more proud of the work I created for her film.

Honoured, and excited, I can not wait to finally see Walk With Me!