Wendy's Barrel Chair

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These days, finding a used chair is easier than ever. Between Kijiji deals and roadside give-aways there are tons of great pieces just waiting to be recovered. My friend Wendy found this amazing pre-loved barrel chair online and hired me to bring it back to life.

The foam cushions had completely disintegrated, leaving a fine yellow dust all over the inside. Lucky when I stripped it down to the frame it was in fantastic condition. The legs needed a little tightening and a stain touch-up, but other than that, the structure was ready to go.

I had never tackled a Barrel chair before, but I'm sure glad I did. Barrel chairs are beautifully simple and have a way of making any space feel inviting. I will definitely be reupholstering one of these for my house some day. 

It was a pleasure bringing this beauty into the 21st century. I really hope that Wendy's family loves it, and can give this chair a whole new life of happy memories.


Jen's Twin Chairs

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These are Jen's Twin chairs. Rescued from being thrown out in her grandmother's residence. To some people they look like regular chairs. But to Jen, they are a whole childhood. Not just pieces of furniture, but pieces of history. Memories stored in the coral flowers on her grandmother's chairs. How many cups of tea and conversations happened here? How many hugs and tickles and stories? 

These are the projects I love the most. Furniture with feeling. And these are Jen's NEW Twin Chairs. Brought back to life; to be filled with new family memories all over again!

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