Custom Removable Upholstery

David's Chair



I'm a Mom, so I know that for a family with kids, or pets, or people who spill things... it often feels like a risky move to have a chair reupholstered. Of course you can prevent stains by choosing the right fabric; scotch guarding, choosing a darker colour or something that hides stains well. But personally I'm a big fan of those beautiful soft greys and prints that have white backgrounds (sigh)... so pretty. Alas we are left with the slip cover option, which gives you the ability to wash the cover if needed. BUT most of them look like bags... and I LOVE my furniture, with all the piping and subtle shapes. So I came up with my own solution. Introducing... (ahem)

Custom Removable Upholstery!!!

That's right folks, this is not your ordinary slip cover. This is a custom made, perfectly fit, detachable upholstery cover. And it has velcro, so it's extra fun! (I love velcro!!!)  This video features my first ever custom removable upholstery cover being put on. A big shout out to David Grassby for entrusting me with his armchair. It turned out so well and now, no matter what his kids throw on it, he can quickly and easily remove the cover to have it cleaned. Or, if you're like me, you could always get two covers made for the same chair and switch up your livingroom vibe every month! Either way this is a great option for those who are looking for something custom, beautiful and practical for their home.

Amanda Demonstrates how the Custom Upholstery Cover goes on in minutes!

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